About the Yang Tan Collective at MIT

The Yang Tan Collective at MIT comprises six distinct units committed to improving human health. At each center, interdisciplinary teams of scientists join together to address some of the greatest biomedical challenges of our time. All six centers within the Collective are administered by the McGovern Institute for Brain Research.

Yang Tan researchers are uncovering the genetic, biological, and neurological mechanisms driving conditions from autism spectrum disorders to cystic fibrosis and developing innovative molecular technologies to treat them. They are using sophisticated mathematical models and computational tools to understand complex electrical-neural interactions within circuits, advancing our understanding of the brain. They are creating and disseminating bionic technologies that mitigate a broad range of disabilities. And they are exploring the multidirectional interplay between the brain and other body organ systems, paving the way for cutting-edge diagnostics and therapies for gastrointestinal and other dysfunctions.

They are, overall, forging a better future for all of us.

Our Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is comprised of several principal investigators and is tasked with driving collaboration to achieve greater synergy and cohesion amongst the six unique research centers.

Polina AnikeevaDirector, Brain-Body Center
Ed BoydenCo-Director, Center for Bionics; Faculty, Center for Molecular Therapeutics
Bob DesimoneDirector, McGovern Institute
Guoping FengFaculty; Center for Autism Research, Center for Molecular Therapeutics
Ila FieteDirector, ICoN Center
Hugh HerrCo-Director, Center for Bionics
Fan WangFaculty; Brain-Body Center, Center for Molecular Therapeutics, ICoN Center
Amos WinterDirector, GEAR Center
Feng ZhangFaculty; Brain-Body Center, Center for Autism Research, Center for Molecular Therapeutics