Autism Center Researchers

Center Faculty

Guoping Feng leads a broad effort to create new models of autism using CRISPR gene-editing tools.

John Gabrieli uses brain imaging to study reward circuitry and language networks in the brains of individuals with ASD.

Ann Graybiel is researching the core symptom-complexes associated with autism spectrum disorders.

Feng Zhang is pioneering gene therapy approaches to ASD using CRISPR editing systems.

Group Leaders

Rogier Landman

Research Scientist, Feng Lab | Group Leader, Neurobehavior

Rogier Landman is developing and optimizing automated behavioral tracking systems and behavioral tasks for for measuring social interactions and cognitive function in NHP models of brain disorders.

Participating labs: Desimone, Halassa, Sur, and Feng

Jitendra Sharma

Research Scientist, Sur Lab | Group Leader, Neurophysiology

Jitendra Sharma is developing and optimizing tools and protocols for measuring neuronal activities in NHP models of brain disorders. These technologies include EEG, ECoG and multi-electrode recording, fMRI and multi-photon imaging.

Participating labs: Desimone, Sur, Halassa, and Anikeeva

Martin Wienisch

Research Scientist, Feng Lab | Group Leader, Genome Editing Technology

Martin Wienisch is developing and improving genome-editing methods for efficiently generating NHP models for neuroscience and brain disorders research.

Participating labs:  Zhang and Feng

Qiangge Zhang

Research Scientist, Feng Lab | Group Leader, Transgenesis

Qiangge Zhang is developing and improving assisted reproduction technology for efficiently generating NHP models for neuroscience and brain disorders research.

Participating labs: Feng and Desimone

J. Douglas Tan Postdoctoral Fellows

Ying Jiang

Postdoctoral Fellow, Jasanoff Lab 

Ying Jiang works on development and application of neural circuit-specific imaging tools for functional MRI to understand the brain circuits for face processing in primates.

Jinyoung Kang

Postdoctoral Fellow, Boyden Lab

Jinyoung is developing and applying expansion microscopy technology for revealing synapse configurations with ~15 nm resolution in health and disease models.

Ryan Kast

Postdoctoral Fellow, Feng Lab

Ryan Kast develops novel tools to access and modulate specific types of brain cells within the zona incerta to better understand how they contribute to healthy brain function and to inform more effective treatments for neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Menglong Zeng

Postdoctoral Fellow, Feng Lab

Menglong Zeng is understanding the molecular language that brain cells use to communicate with each other, and how it goes awry in the context of various brain disorders.

Graduate Fellow

Isaac Treves

Tan-Yang Center for Autism Research Graduate Fellow, Gabrieli Lab

Isaac Treves studies the brain bases of mental health and mindfulness, for example, using cutting-edge methods in fMRI research to investigate how individual differences in mindfulness correlate with brain connectivity.