Molecular Therapeutics Researchers

Center Faculty

Polina Anikeeva

Polina Anikeeva works at the intersection of materials science, electronics, and neurobiology to design and fabricate new tools to treat disorders of the nervous system.

Ed Boyden is designing proteins that can cross the blood-brain barrier with the goal of moving these new molecular strategies into clinical trials in humans.

Guoping Feng is developing advanced primate models for psychiatric and developmental disorders and creating innovative ways to deliver gene therapy cargo into the brain.

Fan Wang is developing novel molecular strategies to activate pain-suppression neurons in the brain’s central amygdala with the goal of creating a powerful therapeutic approach for alleviating pain.

Feng Zhang is leading a broad effort to expand and improve the CRISPR gene editing platform to target genes associated with complex brain disorders.

Y. Eva Tan Fellows

Valerio Francioni

Postdoctoral Fellow, Harnett Lab

Valerio Francioni combines in vivo subcellular imaging with brain-computer interfaces to study how dendrites shape the activity of cortical circuits during learning.

Yuting Ke

Postdoctoral Fellow, Jasanoff Lab

Yuting Ke works on the optimization of genetically encoded fMRI probes and their applications to cellular and circuit-level neuroimaging in multiple animal models.

Nagina Mandal

Postdoctoral Fellow, Graybiel Lab

Chunyan Wu

Postdoctoral Fellow, Harnett Lab

Chunyan Wu is advancing and employing multiphoton microscopy techniques for in vivo imaging with a particular emphasis on investigating dendritic computation within the mouse cortex.